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Building on its 76 year history of success in advancing and promoting the vending and refreshment services industry, in early 2012 NAMA and the NAMA Foundation embarked on one of its most groundbreaking efforts to date.

With the launch of the Positioning for Growth campaign, NAMA and its Foundation are making bold moves to preserve the viability and profitability of the vending and refreshment services industry and to drive future growth in the channel. 

With new leadership and the development of new strategic plan, NAMA is equipped to lead the industry’s renaissance by investing in areas that present the greatest opportunity for future growth: Advocacy, Information (Research)  and Education (Thought Leadership)More specifically, this means…

  • Being a voice for the entire industry, with a focus on operators, at federal and state levels, within the industry and among the general public.
  • Establishing NAMA as the primary source of essential information for the industry whether it’s through information we find on our own, share/acquire from outside sources and apply the industry lens – making it useful to members, and…
  • Being the superlative source of essential and forward-looking information for the industry, helping members to anticipate new opportunities and deal with current issues.

To date, over 120 members companies representing all member verticals, including individuals and NAMA state councils,  have pledged $5 million+ over the next five years to support this cause.  While the campaign has surpassed its fundraising goal and is already making tremendous progress toward achieving these goals, the Foundation is continuing its fundraising effort to advance this important cause. 

For information on how you or your company can join this effort, please contact the Foundation at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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